It's all in the name - Victory & Co.

Our hope is for all of our couples to have victory in their marriage. 

The wedding is the beginning of that commitment, and we got to tell ya —

We LOVE weddings!

We're inspired by the people and beauty around us, and we use that inspiration to create. We thrive when we're planning and creating spaces and environments where people walk into and feel wowed! We love staying up-to-date on the latest trends while keeping the best traditions alive. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind while providing a creative feel to the planning and rental process.

We will do our best to provide excellence in customer service, exceed expectations, and help create an event that will be remembered - whether the feel is classic, urban, glamorous, southern chic, or hip.

We can't wait to work with you!

M E E T  T H E  T E A M

Kaylee Harper

Lead Producer,

Planner + Stylist

Kaylee is all smiles, and we love her for it!  She is a true encourager and is always pushing everyone in the right direction.  She is a wiz with logistics and eager to start planning any event that is thrown her way.

She loves all things music and School House Rock.  On her days off you can find her hiking or hanging out with friends.  She loves traveling and finding the coolest vintage jean jackets.

Kaylee has been a planner and a personal assistant for a few years now and is ready to take on the wedding biz.  Her positivity, enthusiasm, and love for anything ready to be organized gives her a natural talent for event planning and design.

Stormie Boswell

Lead Rental Producer,

Stylist+ Designer

Stormie is driven and passionate. She's a collector of all things urban, vintage, and mid-century modern. Let's just say — she's got style! She strives to be unique, which makes this rental collection one-of-a-kind and special!

She loves drinking coffee and going to her favorite antique spot on her days off.  She goes on adventures with her husband and buys too many plants. She's kind of a plant mom, but that's just the new cat mom, right?!

Stormie is inspired by all things modern, bohemian and European, and she loves providing the best customer service for each client.  She will bring that passion and creativity to any and all events + weddings.

Lauren Roberts

Lead Coordinator,

Hospitality + DIY Guru

Lauren is a fierce and loving person. She is full of life and love, and after being with her husband for 7 years — she LOVES marriage.  She puts that passion for marriage into making any wedding day the best day ever for the bride because she will do anything for her. (That includes kicking butt when needed!)

Lauren loves chill time with friends or reading a book on her days off.  She's a dang good cook and gives the best advice.  Oh, and she knows how to get down and dance too!

She is a hopeless romantic, a wiz at DIY projects, and strives to help any couple make their dream wedding a reality.  She is the bride's right hand lady, and she'll help any event go off without a hitch.