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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

My name is Stormie Boswell, and I am a designer and rental producer here at Victory & Co. Events along with the planner and designer for Victory Babes! The purpose of this blog is to talk about everything! So, what does that look like, exactly?

Let's first talk about Design, Furniture, and Planning!

Victory & Co. is first and foremost an event design, planning, and rental company, and because of that, we will talk a lot about designing a space, from the home to a tablescape to an event. We will talk about furniture, how to clean white furniture and how to choose what companies to buy from and what to buy from them, and how to set priorities for the home and event.

Next up: Victory Babes, Marriage, Travel, Home Living

Along with Victory & Co., we began Victory Babes to connect with all the badass ladies out there, not just the brides. We want all of you ladies to have victory in life, your endeavors as moms, wives, creatives, entrepreneurs and friends, and we want to explore that in this blog!

We here at Victory & Co. plan and design more weddings than anything else, but we want to be a place to talk about what happens beyond the wedding. We want to talk about marriage and what we all have learned from it (but trust us.. we have sooo much more to learn!)

We want to celebrate when we are able to live life to the fullest at home, at work, and during our travels, the most fun parts of life. Life is all about yin and yang, and we shouldn't leave out the hard parts of life either, so we won't!

You may be wondering what will make this blog different from others out there? Like all blogs, this blog, Victory will have a unique voice, from us ladies: Stormie, Kaylee, and Lauren! We can't wait to document this journey and share our tips and stories along the way.

Stay tuned for some good stuff!


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